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crackling sounds and freezing lighning effects


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I started getting a crackling noise in my void surround headset directly after updating to the latest verision of icue and it going randomy from unbareably much to allmost not noticeable and today my mic even started giving away the same crackling noice when i talked to my friend on discord and i then noticed that icue somehow thought i had 2 headsets plugged in and it gave of error messages on both of them.

I've allso started having issues with my k70 keyboards lighning effects. it randomly freezes after about 5 to 10 minutes and the only way to fix it is to pull the cord out and plug it back in.


I've tried reinstalling ICUE and i've allso written to corsar support about this but they have not given me any response at all.

Anyone having similar issues? anyone know of a way to resolve this issue or am i just gonna have a headset that randomly breaks down all the time and annoyingly freezing lighning effects?

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