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Node Pro and 6 LL fans trouble!


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I hope that somebody help me.


I have Node pro plus 6 LL fans. Everything worked perfectly one year.

I turn on my pc ( everything was fine)i went out and when I came back 5 fans didnt light only one. This fan is connect to a hub( slot 1) but the fan number one lights strange(only half leds on the fan) i tried to change slots on rgb hub and worked for fans two and five. When change another fans to another slots again work only 3 and 4 but not everything in one way 1-6 :-( I dont understand how is it possible . One year it worked without problems. I tried another rgb hub and turn off node pro , reinstall corsair link and result the same. :(


Please help!

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What happens if you put the former fan 1 in position 6?

I'm not sure that I quite followed your rearranging steps but the most logical thing to do, at this point, is to put the troublesome fan at the end of the chain. These fans work in a series and 1 bad fan can take the rest out.


You also have a 2 year warranty on the fans so once we nail down which fan is the problem, you can start an RMA.

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Firstly, I tried tu put faulty fan to 6 channel and all fans work, only the faulty fan worked with one side led


First fan was faulty so I bought a new and it doesnt work, the same problem. Half leds was turn off and 5 fans didnt light. I took another one and it’s work. It is mysterious..... maybe another a new piece could be faulty. I dont know:(


Anyway, thank you for your support! Now it is working

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