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Bad RAM : Jabberwok's TwinX1024-3200c2 Rev 4.1


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My RAM died. At first I thought it was my old IBM hard drive because I've had it for 4 years, going on 5. With the continous HD stoping & clicking problems I was having problems with Windows shutting down & rebooting (prolly to prevent damage to the files). BUT garbage was being written everytime on the HD because at every reboots CHKDISK was deleting and/or fixing various, seemingly random files. Thinking it was my HD I went out & bought a raptor. I've had the chance to install windows but a few days after the same problems began. Then started the long process of finding the cultprit... EVERYTHING came back to normal the second I've put my old Mosel vitelic pc2100... Even my old IBM hd that I was thinking dead works like new, Although with a new partion/format/install...


I of course tried my Corsair DIMMs in another perfectly working PC & after a few moments garbage apeared on it's hd up to the point of destroying it's master boot record & boot sector according to Windows XP's repair install thingy...


So my Corsair ram is dead... what now?

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