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CUE Doesn't Remember Formatting for Text Macros

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I have several text macros in the CUE for my K95 RGB Platinum and have discovered that it won't remember the formatting for them once I restart my computer.


For example, if I want it to read:




Thanks for reaching out.


On the next restart it will read like this(despite showing the correct formatting in the text box for the macro):


Hello,Thanks for reaching out.


So I guess it won't remember line breaks? Is there a way to fix this or a way to submit this as an issue?

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Hard second - this is cue 2 right? I haven’t tried recently in icue it may have been fixed.


I’ve checked the xml/qml at some point and it would actually change so I am pretty sure the only fix I am aware of inside of cue only would be a macro which ll never go wrong. It’s like there was a pre tag ignored in html

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Elizadeth I just had a co worker try on icue and it fails after reboot to maintain the recorded manual line breaks. Taking a look at the xml/wml again and have listed below:


<text>Have a great day!



After a reboot space is not maintained. I am going to try to have them re import the following edit for giggles:


<text xml:space="preserve">Have a great day!



and will post results


EDIT: It does not fly. Saved the change to the cue profile Deleting the profile inside icue and then reimported with the xml:space="preserve" added. No change. I suspect perhaps there is an encoding difference not capturing the line breaks.



You may want to try AutoHotkey. Certainly will fix the problem until corrected in CUE/ iCUE. It is very easy. Once autohotkey is installed you can create global hotkeys, or even application specific ones that say



Send Sincerely,{Enter}Some Name



and simply unbind whatever the keys are set to in CUE.

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