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LL140 not lighting up proprely, faulty fan ?


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Hi, I just get the 2 LL140 pack with the LNP.

All is plugged according to this scheme :




But the fans are not totally light up :






The LNP is recognize in LINK but the led wont change, what ever i do.



the fan are correctly sat up in LINK and I have the latest version of the firmware.


I have tried to rollback firmware, to change channel on the node or to change the order in the hub but without success.


Is the SATA power connector of the LNP dead ? how can i test it ?

The fans can spin, but are the leds dead ?


Thank you :[pouts:

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Yes my two fans are connected to the 1 and 2 port of this thing :




If I switch them, nothing happens.

I mean while i unplugged the fans the few leds turned off but when i plug it again in the other port, the fans stay half on like on the picture I showed you.


Sorry for my English

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So ... you are configured properly in Link.


If you want to test them ... it's possible if you have a multimeter.


I can't tell if it's the fan hub that's flaking out or the fans. Did you purchase these all in the same package from the same vendor? If so and you are within your return window, it may be best to try an exchange. Otherwise, you can contact the Corsair support team and they'll take care of you.

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OK. With the multimeter, you'll want to look at pin 1 and pin 4 on the fan hub. You should have 5V between the two. Outside of that, there isn't much to test.


There really isn't much that you can do to fix it yourself. But if you do ... would certainly be interested.

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just a quick update.

There is 5V in the node pro and in the hub too.

If I twist the cable ( the one plugged in the 1 from the hub not the LNP) some led that never light up before light up for a seconde (if i twist the cable in the right angle).


I bet the leds are dead.


My ticket is submited.

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