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I bought K95 RGB platinum two days ago. The product is awesome. The workmanship is outstanding. The colors are fantastic. However, lack of an official driver for macOS is very noticeable and degrades any experience of using the keyboard. I can't imagine that the best keyboard in the world can't be fully supported in macOS and linux. Before purchasing the item, I didn't have an idea to check any OS compatibility feature since Corsair was one of the biggest computer peripheral designers and vendors worldwide I couldn't have imagined they didn't have enough resources to develop the software for own renowned products. There are many thousand of Mac users in different countries. I am firmly convinced that the people deserve to be respected by the Great Corsair team. I have a thought to return the keyboard to my vendor. Is any plan to release a beautiful, shiny, fast and stable corsair rgb 95 platinum driver for macOS in near future?



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As of right now we don't officially support OSX or Linux. The link below is to a thread that was started for beta testing for an undisclosed OSX project, however it is closed now. There is no official word right now on the project, but it should help give you some insight.



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Hi Nick!


Thank you for that quick reply! I fully understand logic about making business priorities and focusing on support of own products only in Windows environment, however, Corsair isn't a small company developing its products in henhouse in a forgotten town of Siberia, is it?


I don't have requests personally to you but is your top management aware of the discomfort of macOs users and Corsair customers? The people have been experiencing the discomfort and disrespect many years.


The business has tax cuts, less regulations and cheap workforce in China. Everything is good for business in America. Could your CEO have hired a team of software developers? I am pretty sure that another attractive option is several software free-lancers from India or China or elsewhere. They will be happy to do a great job for Corsair for a fraction of cost that Corsair spends on the Windows' driver development.


Please, inform the senior staff about the situation.


Thank you!

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