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Hello Guys I am currently using a K95 Platinum and Corsair glaive mouse. I have Corsair Utility installed but i have been having plenty of issues with it. First issue i have is when i first start my computer the software opens automatically. When i play a game i have some of my keys bound to the extra buttons on the mouse. Most of the time when i have the software running i can't use any buttons except the left and right click buttons. I cant even change my DPI and it will get stuck on a setting i don't like. On my keyboard sometimes when i press a key it just keeps repeating the key press. When i open the software to change things it always says my hardware profiles are not saved or conflict with one another. by this time I get frustrated and I turn off the software and them everything works fine.




I was wondering if anyone else has had these issues and if you have any ideas of how i can fix them. I'm open to anything.





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