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how to get VOID wireless MSDS?


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i bought void wireless. but it broken. so i want RMA.

but .void wireless is a battery-included product. So DHL wants MSDS. Is there a way to get a MSDS?


i can't english well. so i ues translator.

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can i get MSDS??
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hi guys.

can you hlep me?

i bought "void wireless". but it can't turn on. so i want RMA. so i called DHL yesterday. and i requested that pick it up. but DHL said built in battery product can't pick up without "MSDS". so i need "void wireless battery MSDS". DHL said that i can get "MSDS" from corsair or battery production company.

but i don't know battery production company.....

So I have not been repaired for two months.

please... anybody help me..

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