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Bad Stick


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I purchased two sticks of cmx512-3200c2pt back in oct of 04. At the time I was just purchasing parts a piece at a time to build this new pc. I finally got it built last month and for some reason when both sticks are in my pc will not bootup. I tried switching the sticks around and still the same prob.


When I tried them each by themselves one works and my pc boots fine...the other one doesnt. I even tried diff slots and still no luck. I also tired the bad stick on my other pc and still no luck. I think it's safe to say 1 out of the 2 are working :(


Heres my cpu and mb amd 64 3200+, MSI "K8N Neo-FSR" NVIDIA nForce3 250GB


Can I do an RMA for this? thanx in advance

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