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CUE does not start


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Hi I have problems with CUE


When I first connected my headset ( corsair coid pro wireless ) it didn't install CUE.

I downloaded it on the official site of corsair but when I want to install it , there is a message that says I AM installing it...


I tried to reboot my laptop and look in tasks but I don't see any CUE downloading , even if I let my PC 2h working alone..


Please if you know something tell me !

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From the screenshot, it seems there may be another installer/install that is still running when you are attempting to install CUE.


E.g. It could be a stuck auto updater like Java, Acrobat Reader, etc or there is something wrong with Windows Installer.

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"wrong with Windows Installer." This is possible for sure. I think the .MSI installer might be worth downloading again.


If the windows installer is corrupted, maybe you could fix using the SFC /scannow

or the

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

in the command prompt which involves some reboots.


let us know how you make out

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