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Void Pro RGB USB Sound quiet/muffled


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Hey y'all,


I got myself a Corsair Void Pro USB headset today, I thought it would go nicely with my Strafe RGB keyboard.


I was using a Plantronics headset before and a Logitech before that - I'm used to the volume of my headsets being rather loud (I usually have my system volume down at 10-20% which works out well), but this one seems extremely quiet in comparison. I have cranked up the system volume to 100% and all applications are also at 100%. Videos on Youtube are now at decent volume, but things like VOIP still sound a bit muffled. Also, there is a low static sound that plays alongside many other sounds now, including system notifications.


I'm using the Corsair Utility Engine to play around with my keyboard's LEDs - I set a custom equalizer with all sliders on max just to get some additional volume out of it. Is this normal?


I tried checking my Realtek Audio manager settings, but being a USB headset, it isn't picked up by that.


e.: I tried every other USB port, both in front and at the back

e2.: The static noise is still very persistent, but only plays when there is any sound playing at all - Games with background noise trigger this constantly. I switched to my old headset (which I'm running without its software btw) and everything is much crisper.


Happy for any advise.

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For the static noise, go to Sounds > Playback > Headset Earphone > Properties > Levels > Headset Microphone (Set it to 0)


Simple way:

Go to Corsair Utility Engine and lower down the side tone till the end.


This is the only way I know. If it doesn't work, sorry I am clueless.

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