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RMA - Really?


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So had my Corsair one since the 06/10/17 - after a few days and all setup noticed the main fan was clicking at low speeds after running fast. A few days more and now a constant click @ 400rpm. If you ramp the speed up to full it stops when it goes past 500rpm -- so clearly a fan fault.


Corsairs answer - RMA the whole PC!!! - for what should be a simple fan swap out


Spoke to Scan - they said they would discuss with Corsair and arrange for the fan to be sent - a lot cheaper in cost and time - especially given the time I would be without the main PC.


Chased a few times \ been sent .... chase again - \ dispatched

Chase again - will check - to then get a no will have to RMA the whole PC.


WTF! Really?


Why can I not get a new fan and just plug it can.


Cannot even find where to buy the exact (not a retail one - they are different) just to save the grief


Not what I would expect from a premium company.


Could stop the ticking if I could find a way to change the default from 400rpm at rest to 500rpm.

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Ok - so to confirm


I have just brought a ML140 and put this in place as a temp solution


clears the noise, not a problem - the only issue is the low and max are too high

the base is 400rpm with original - currently 800rpm on ML140

max is 1300rpm with original - currently 2000rpm on ML140


so a lot louder in "wind" but no mind-bending clicking

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Hi Alan,


Yes - it made the same noise I also started the PC up with the lid removed and the noise was coming from the bearing area. to make sure I was not hearing things I swapped the fans back when I realised the other fan ran faster and the noise returned. Putting the new fan back means more wind noise but no "tick"


Scan have spoken to corsair - and the only option is RMA --- so it looks like I will buy a new corsair one PC, backup my OS and restore onto the new and return as DOA for a refund!


PM inbound




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