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A8V Deluxe and TWINX3200C2PRO


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Hi everyone,


I have an Asus A8V Deluxe motherboard and two gigs of 3200-c2pro ram. The ram is in 512 sticks so i have 4 sticks of 512. If the FSB is on 333Mhz it works fine. On 400Mhz the PC don'w work fine. I have a lots of bluescreens.

I tested all Sticks with memtest86 and no errors. I testet ech a pair and also no errors, only when i test all 4 sticks, the test shows some bad blocks.


Are 4x512MB TWINX3200C2Pro not compatibily with the Asus A8V-Deluxe board?


All 4 Sticks have the Nr: XMS3202v4.1 / 0449067-2


Bios of Asus is updated (1009)


Plz Help


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This MB by default the MB will run at DDR333 when you have more than 2 modules installed. And with 4 modules you would need to have about 48 Watts just for memory, and what you have posted suggests a possible power problem, can you tell us the make and model of PSU, and the bios settings you have set for CPU and memory?
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