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Corsair Link 4 - Can't choose profiles


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Just installed my H115i and downloaded the latest Corsair Link 4 - however when I open the program it just looks like this;




There's no option to change profiles there? And under Options - Devices there is nothing listed.


Under Profile there is only Balanced, Performance and Quiet.. All of them do exactly the same - nothing, it seems.


Under Configure I still can't change fan speeds or anything - none of the options anywhere have the options to change fan curves like this forum seems to have for everyone else, like the picture shown here: http://i.imgur.com/PxmYkf2.jpg


There is no "MODE" for me at all.


I have it plugged into CPU1 on my motherboard, x99s SLI Plus. It's a 3 pin. I have the USB-header plugged into USB1 on the motherboard. Tried reinstalling Corsair Link several times and tried 4.7 and 4.8.


The fans only seem to be at around 800 RPM.. Are they really supposed to be this loud?


Any help welcome!

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The big problem is that your H115i isn't being seen by Corsair Link at all, which is why you can't control or even see the H115i's fan speeds. Have you tried connecting the H115i to a different header or, alternatively, using a Mini-USB to USB Type-A cable and connecting it to an external USB port (just for troubleshooting)?


Alternatively, have you tried using an older version of Link? We have a driver signing issue that has manifested in 4.8 and later versions, and though we're working on a fix, (available on our download page!) does not have this issue.

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Greetings, Dustin!


Yes, that seems to be the major issue. The cooler isn't even recognized. Not in Corsair Link, nor in Device Manager.


- I have two USB headers on my motherboard (x99s SLI Plus). Both seem to be working themselves, because I have a front panel on my chassie that works regardless of which one of those I use.


- Swapping either of those do not change my cooler problem.


- If I don't plug the CPU fans into the wire that goes into the cooler, but rather straight into the motherboard CPU1 and CPU2 headers, the noise goes down considerably and at least I won't go deaf. PC stays cool, and CPU still seems to be hovering around 31-36 degrees no load.


- I have tried using, 4.8 and the newest, 4.9 - neither of them seem to be having an effect sadly.


The only thing I haven't tried yet is to use a completely new cable going straight from the cooler to a USB slot eihter behind or in front on my chassie.. I don't have one of those cables laying around sadly, so I'd have to get one. But a faulty cable seems to be the most likely scenario here?

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Sounds like a bad H115i then. The cooler itself will work fine but the USB header is bad. If you contact our customer service department, they'll replace that for you.


How exactly will that work? I'll have to send in the entire h115i cooler unit and get it replaced?

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