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A note on toxic comments

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We welcome community involvement and feedback, as well as constructive criticism and advice on our products from all our customers. Listening to you is what makes our products better.


However, we will not tolerate direct insults and abuse to our staff or other community members. This is a community that is for sharing ideas, getting help, and helping others build and use great PCs and PC hardware. It is not a medium for personal insult and abuse.


Going forward, we’re going to be keeping a closer eye on this. A number of reported posts have shown that there were certain members who were acting extremely toxic to the community, insulting less experienced users by insulting them for asking basic questions.


It’s important to remember we were all beginners once and our goal is to help everyone enjoy their PC to the fullest. The CORSAIR community is designed to be a place for people to learn and share information without being shamed for their lack of experience, knowledge, or resources.


Going forward, anybody who is determined to act contrary to these goals is encouraged to take their comments elsewhere.



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