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Corsair Link across 2 systems?


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Ok here's a hairy one.


I have a dual system build (in a single case I have a gaming/general use computer and a separate FreeNAS system).


In theory one or the other or both of the systems may be on at any one time.


There is a (competitor) AIO cooling system with 3 fans for the gaming system CPU. I am considering replacing these with Corsair SP or HD fans.


There are 2 large 'generic' case fans at the front of the case, which are powered direct from the PSU.


There is a single (competitor) case fan at the rear of the case - again I will replace that if necessary.


Now it's obvious that the CPU cooler need only be powered when the gaming CPU is on.


The other issue, however is the case fans.


1. Is the LINK software Windows only and would therefore have to run on the Windows machine?

2. Once set up does the link software have to be running in order for the attached fan LED's etc to do their thing?

3. Can separate fans be set up to different lighting are do they all do the 'same' thing?

4. Using Corsair components is there a way for the CASE fans to be controlled from the power supply (rather than one or the other of the mobos?)


Just trying to get my head around all this please, as I want to be sure I don't invest $$ in the setup only to find out later that it doesn't meet my expectations.


(the current competitor system I have is great in theory but in practice not really good at all..)


Thanks all, I appreciate it.

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  • Corsair Employees

1. Yes, LINK is Windows only.

2. Most LINK peripherals have some form of hardware playback; if you set them to a fixed speed on a Commander PRO, for example, they'll always run at that speed until you change it software.

3. Individual fans can be set up with different lighting schemes.

4. Fans cannot be controlled by the PSU.


Now with all that being said, I make no specific guarantees about operation. What you're doing is a little bit off the beaten path. But it SHOULD work the way I've described.

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No I appreciate fans can't be controlled by the CPU. What I mean of course is powered by the CPU irrespective of which system is on at the time.


If I understand you correctly, in order to have case fans controlled by LINK operating then I would need to have the Windows system powered on? So having just the NAS system on I wouldn't be able to have those case fans going?


As I say just trying to get my head around this as much as possible. All I know is the (competitor) set up is unsatisfactory so I'm trying to find a way to make this work... and I love the corsair led fans.

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  • Corsair Employees

If you use a Commander PRO and have the fans connected to that, you should be able to save fixed fan speed and lighting settings through that. From there, at any time the Commander PRO itself receives power, it should run those fans and lighting.


But I can't guarantee anything. Like I said, you're going off the reservation on this one. ;)

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Thanks it's good to know that it'll work IN THEORY.

Let's hope the same applies in practise. :)


I still have a big decision to make - to replace all the fans in my system, add a commander pro, and a few led strips will set me back about $450 of our dollars... :bigeyes:


The missus will not be all that happy there...

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