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Issue with new one pro 1080Ti


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I recently bought this PC. I am brand new to high end gaming PCs. I am disappointed as I have to turn my new PC on a few times to get it to register on my monitor. Says no signal until I boot it up a few times. Once it is running it seems to work OK.


I have raised a ticket about this but not heard anything back (is it usually this slow?). I spent a lot of money on this product (bought it through Scan) and had to wait a while for it to restock. Can anyone advise me on how to proceed?


I don't know how to check my model number to see if it is a 'ribbon issue' or something.


Just really disappointed and feel like I have been given a faulty unit, but want to check and know how I can get it sorted :(:


Edit: I also have another issue where I run video no youtube, and it becomes crazy pixelated and the sound goes crazy. I am using a brand new DP with my acer predator x34a. Checked every driver but still lots of issues. Are the two above faults a sign of a bad unit?


Thanks in advance for any help

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Having read around the forums it feels like I have one of the corrupt machines in the new batch and need to do RMA. Could one of the mods/ employees please check my ticket and follow up (I still have not heard back from Corsair and really want to get this resolved!) - 617966


I have the issue with no signal when i boot, corrupted audio and video at times too

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  • Corsair Employees

Yeah, you definitely have one of the units with the bunk PCIe cable. Rest assured, if you haven't heard from us, you will. We're prioritizing getting replacement units out to end users; I've heard from one person who actually received their replacement before they were even TOLD they'd be getting a replacement.


Please sit tight, we're working on it.

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I have the same problems with my Ti model:

1) Need to boot up machine multiple times to have signal on my monitor (with HDMI and/or DVI)

2) Pixelated videos (including GIF file animations) and various rendering artifacts.

3) Crazy sound (with HDMI and/or DVI)


Non of the suggestions on this forum helped me to solve any of my problem and it has no sense to ask help to the support as it seems to be hardware problem and machine needs to be replaced.


I just have one question to the Corsair:

I bough my Ti model on Amazon.com (August 10), if I ask replace is it guaranteed that Amazon now has fixed models? Can Corsair check it?

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