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defect pc2700 valueram stick

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First of all, I can't speak English very well, sorry for that!

When I tried to start up my pc this morning, my pc didn't boot, black screen. I really didn't knew why. So i tested another GFX card first, that didn't worked. Then i changed the CPU & mobo (from my little brother's pc). All with same problem. After plugging in his memory (same stick), the whole problem was solved. I'm 100% sure that my memory module died :[pouts: (my brothers mem in my system works, and my mem in his system not) So what I want to ask... can i get a RMA number? My stick is 1,5 year old. The module is in original state with label with type & lot number.


TYPE: VS512MB333

LOT: 0338111


My system & settings:


ASUS A7N8X-X nForce2

Athlon XP 2600+ Barton

512MB PC2700 Corsair Memory

80 GB Maxtor HD

Radeon 9700 PRO


BIOS: Always default settings with only a few changes:


BIOS Virus Protection: Enabled (for best security)

1st boot device: CDROM (for formatting hard disk with winxp cdrom)


System performance: Optimal

Memory: By SPD

AGP Aperture Size: 128MB (stock 64MB)


I'm from the Netherlands (Europe) Is this procedure same for me?


Thanks in advance! :):

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