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bad memory


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I've got two sticks of CMX512--3200C2 RAM that came with my gaming machine from ABS computers. It was working fine, rebooted one day after windows was running poorly, and now all I can get is errors with the memory. I made sure that all BIOS settings are set to default or factory presets from ABS. Still no good. ABS tells me that the computer is out of warranty for them, over one year old, so I need to see if I can get replacements from Corsair directly.





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The system has a P4 3.0 @ 800MHz fsb w/ HT on an Intel i875P board


all chipset settings in the BIOS are set to Auto which shows the following:


SDRAM RAS Act. to Pro 8

SDRAM CAS# Latency 2.5

SDRAM RAS# to CAS# delay 3

SDRAM RAS# Precharge 3


I ran memtest and found one stick tested with no errors, the other consistently failed every test that memtest ran.

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