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H70 AM4 Compatible with Kit?


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Hey all,


I'm planning to upgrade my current 2500k system with a r7 1700 build. Since I still have a H70 cooler around, I hope it can be still used on the AM4 platform with the "AM4-AMD Retention Bracket Kit for Hydro Series Coolers (CW-8960046)". But as the H70 is not listed under compatible coolers, I'm wondering whether this kit can be used. Any estimations whether it should workd nevertheless?




Best, CoolingWater

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Yes it fits AM4 I just bought one....

The pump fits onto the existing plastic clips already on the mobo

It does not need the back plate changing like on the Intel mobo's.


At least that's how mine worked

I would have uploaded a photo but its taking forever to come from my phone to my desktop (oops)

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Thank you for this!


I though I would get a notification from this site if anyone replied but clearly I don't have it turned on.


So you are using the H70 with the AM4 socket at the moment Jaan_Doh and it's working fine? It's odd that they needed brackets for the other coolers but not this one? So you are saying you don't need to use the mounting bracket that comes with the H70 but just fit pump to the mobo's bracket?

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