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K95 rgb platinum vs k70 rgb rapidfire


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I have both. There are some subtle differences, besides the obvious G-keys and the light bar across the top. The K95 Plat has on board profile storage, so you can use some profile elements without CUE, if that is necessary. The base plate under the keys is heavier. You can feel this in the weight, but also when typing. This is one of reasons I gave the K95 Platinum a second go, even though I was happy with the K70 LUX. The palm rest is rubberized on the K95. I like it, it has more weight and a nicer feel. However, some users are not as impressed and long term care and appearance may be different for rubber vs standard plastic on the K70 LUX. Another tiny differences is the media key construction. The K95 has a taller, more substantial buttons for stop, play, skip. The volume roller is gunmetal/silver-like plastic, unlike the flat black on the K70 LUX. I thought that was an odd inclusion on the all black K95, but it turns out I favor it.


I like my K70 LUX Speed quite a lot. I thought I loved my last pre-K70 LUX keyboard, but could never go back to it now. I do like the K95 just a bit more and the feel of the extra weight and an interest in a few G keys was enough for me to put aside a perfectly good K70 LUX. The pricing on both is rather dynamic right now. Perhaps the decision will come down to deals in your area.

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