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Ryzen, x370 and Corsair 3200 ram problems.


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Im using a Ryzen 1700 cpu, Asus Primo x370 proi mobo and 2x8gb of corsair CMK16GX4M2B3200C16 ram. I can only get them to 2933 mhz. If I try 3200 sometimes I can boot up but crash shortly after other times no boot. I have tryied slacking the timmings and setting volt to 1.4 nothing helps.

Now regarding volt do anyone know what is safe? They are ratet 1.35 volt.

I mean my old i5 2500k system with ddr2 ram was ratet at 1.65 but had no problems running with 1.85 volts.

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I have the same problem with Gigabyte GA-AX370-Gaming K7 and Ryzen 1800x... Corsair when I contacted seem to be proactive to blame you for buying it and anyone else but it's not our problem (ie it's yours) about this issue. (This really surprised me Corsair are you even involved in trying to get memory working with AMD ?)


From what I have heard AMD may have fixed the issue in the next microcode update and we have to live with corsair the memory that does not reach speed we put on our box because that's for intel system ha ha ...

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  • Corsair Employee

I've noticed that 2933MHz is where most Ryzen setups tend to float at in terms of overclocked memory speed. Microcode and UEFI updates have certainly helped increase compatibility all around, but it's not quite up to where we're at with Intel unfortunately, not to say that the situation isn't improving. We definitely are working with AMD to improve the DRAM situation on Ryzen.


Level1Techs has some really good insights regarding DDR4 memory and Ryzen that may be helpful.


Maximize Ryzen: Overclock RAM for Faster Fabric Speed video:


related forum post:

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The highest officially supported memory speed for consumer (AM4) Zeppelin parts

is 2667MHz (two single rank / sided modules in total)

or 2400MHz (two dual rank / sided modules in total),

however memory ratios for 2933MHz and 3200MHz speeds are available

(not officially supported), at least on some motherboards.


Always insert memory modules in the DIMM A2 slot first.

The stability and compatibility of installed memory module depend on installed CPU and devices when overclocking.


Ryzen 1800X

Ryzen, just like Skylake and Kaby Lake, is limited to dual-channel memory controller.

Ryzen officially supports DDR4/3600 dual-channel

4 DIMMs (2DPC=DIMM per Channel), use memory up to a max of 2400MHz.

2 DIMMs (1DPC=DIMM per Channel) installed in A2/B2 use memory up to max of 3200MHz.

4-ch support at DDR4/2666 with several brands at 16-16-16-36 and

2-ch support at up to DDR4/3200 with one brand at 14-14-14-34

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