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H80i Leaked :(


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Hi All,


My corsair H80i has leaked last night over my 3 week old EVGA 1080 GTX SC2 and ruined the card. 1 of the sensors is completely fried now.


The H80i looks like it's leaking from one of the tubing connectors. There is no damage to tubing or cooler.


This has now been removed from my PC.


Please see images below -


GPU Failing and Sensor -




Liquid on GPU and CPU Cooler -





Dried liquid on connector and tube -




Liquid at base of cooler and CPU plate -



I'm extrmely disappointed considering this was already a replacment H80i and now it's ruined a brand new GPU. I have logged a support ticket.


Just curious who else this has happen to? Guessing this is rare?



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I had it happen to me, many years ago, it was one of the very early Coolit AIO coolers that had been moved about a fair bit. One day, just before a rebuild, there was a hissing noise and my pc shut down. The cooler had blown, under pressure and sprayed coolant averywhere. I've been using AIO coolers (mostly Corsair) for about 10 years now with no problem.


I don't recall seeing many posts on here about leaks (apart from the problem with early H110i GT coolers, but that was a transport/temp problem rather than a customer problem).


Corsair deal with these problems on a case by case basis, so hopefully you will be ok.

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