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Mp500 best settings

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I have recently purchased a 120gb mp500 for my OS drive and my read and write speeds are in the high hundreds I'm figuring I don't have the best settingfs, I've disabled Paging, Superfetch and Defrag but still the read write times bearly make it out of the mid thousands.. I have a asrock extreme4 z270 with i7 7700k.
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I have three mainbords Gigabyte AORUS GA-Z270X-Gaming 7 and each one have the same problem. I'm using ASSD Benchmark and HDD Tune Pro. Maybe it is problem with NVMe Drivers? But Corsair dosen't have it like samsung 960 Pro.
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Exactly same issue here, Asus Maximus Hero VIII.

My write speed sometimes decrease to even 100MB/S.

Altough my Reading speeds still being good...

I have done all the things it puts in this review:


Its not my problem because sometimes gives correct write and read speeds.

Im starting to think is a hardware problem...

I still have 20 days to return it to the local store i bought it, its sad but if this doesnt resolve i may have to return it.

If i start to copy a big file always fall from 1100MB/s to 100MB/s, even in benchmarks if i select 10 GB, the write speed falls.

Ill let the screenshots of the problem:


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I think is problem with NVMe drivers. Corsari uses Microsoft drivers only Samsung 960 Pro and Evo discs has special driver http://www.samsung.com/semiconductor/minisite/ssd/download/tools.html


Something is blocking the write speed - i discoverd that other tests are "unlocking" the "write limit" eg.: when the "wirte limit" appear (discoverd after AS SSD benchmark) i try to benchmark with other programs (Samsung Magcician and HDD Tune Pro) "write limit" disappear. My teory is something is blocking disk and even reset dosen't help and something in Samsung Magician or HDD Tune Pro is unblocking.


Also in computer managment in event log that error appeaer:




So i have no idea what can i do. I try format and reinstall OS (Win 10 Pro). I have 3 same discs (MP 500) and that problem appear on all models so i think it's not a damage.


I try also to check temperature and is fine, "write limit" doesn't disappeaer after power off (computer was off all night) so it isn't locking and unlocking becouse temperature.

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Well i have to say that your theory makes a lot of sense.

Now the worst part, will Corsair solve this? or it will let his "Premium SSD" die this way?

Hope some corsair employee can read this topic.

I will give them a week or two, hopefully i still in time to return the driver to the store i bought it and buy a S960 PRO or EVO.

Btw, have u tried forcin to update to the Samsung nvme driver? to me it still happens the "write limit", but who knows...

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Yes i try to replace with Samsung NVMe driver but it isn't working. I'm wondering about social media action or some petition or maybe you have other idea how the information will reach to Corsair.


My only idea is to gathering all MP 500 users and send the same ticket/information.


The other problem is that the equal disc in Samsung brand is 960 PRO becouse is using MLC type of memory but it is only in 512 GB version and it cost 2x MP 500. 960 EVO is using probabely TLC memory and it's worse than MP 500.

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Well, i think some corsair employee should definetely take note, i alerted buyers in my country store ("Pccomponentes" from spain) in order not to buy the drive till the problem dissapears and redirecting them here, to this post.

But yeah, these things are a shame....

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I have respond from Corsair and is bad ... very bad:


Created By: Arturo TS (5/9/2017 2:19 PM)

You should be able to contact the shop and get a refund, that's correct, but it will depend on their return policy.


Created By: Marcin Żołdak (5/9/2017 12:15 PM)

So can i return disc to shop and recive my money back? If you dosn't support it and is defective i will do the same thing what others do - buy Samsung 960 PRO and do all i can do to stop selling that disc in my country. Is not fair you sell this disc without support and with bugs.


Created By: Arturo TS (5/9/2017 7:01 AM)

No response to that, sorry.


Created By: Marcin Żołdak (5/9/2017 5:58 AM)

When will you provide it? Example ETA?


Created By: Arturo TS (5/8/2017 10:30 AM)

We will provide them, but they're unavailable at this time unfortunately.


Created By: Marcin Żołdak (5/7/2017 4:00 AM)



Created By: Marcin Żołdak (5/6/2017 2:00 AM)

Some times the write speed of my disc is locking at ~260 Mb/s


after some time it's back to normal mode (~1200 Mb/s)


It is probabely problem with NVMe Drivers, i've looked the same issue on net and anyone who had that problem resolved it by buying Samsung 960 EVO or PRO disc becouse it has better NVMe Drivers. You don't deliver individual drivers and MP500 and is using Microsoft NVMe Drivers. Will You provide a individual NVMe Drivers ?


so ... i try to replace it with Samsun 960 PRO and do all i can to stop selling this product in my country.


But i've find some trick. Some give me a tip (but he says he dosen't take responsibility). MP 500 is using Phison PS5007-E7 controler and Patriot 240GB M.2 SSD PCIe Hellfire 2280 is using the same and have NVMe drivers:




you can try to replace Microsoft NVMe Drivers to this one.

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  • Corsair Employee

Main difference between Samsung NVMe driver and Microsoft NVMe driver is that Samsung enables write caching by default.


Double check your MP500's write-caching settings by doing the following:


Go to Device Manager -> Disk Drives -> Force MP500 (right click to open properties)


Then navigate to Policies tab and see if "Enable write caching on the device" has a check next to it.


If issues persist, it may be another issue that requires technical support via our support team.

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I have returned the corsair and bought the 960 evo. source kitchenlola.com

Its a shame, but i have to say i have no problems at all. shared post


Was about to buy the Corsair Force MP500 120GB but now after reading that you're problem was not resolved and you returned it I guess I will have to look for other options. Sad because I'm a huge fan of Corsair products and I've always considered them first when upgrading my rig with new components.

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