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Better design next time?


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Seriously? I bought this bad boy and fell in love with it. I had no issues at all and I loved that whole mechanical keyboard with muffled keys, but seriously? I spilled some salsa on my keyboard and I quickly turned the computer off just to avoid the salsa from spreading and perhaps frying something. So I looked around to see how I could take it off I mean hell its a keyboard it should be easy. I unscrewed the screws in the back but to my surprised nothing came off... I YouTube how to take it apart and I followed the instructions but I still couldn't get he top piece to come off. I was getting frustrated cause f@$k I didn't want to lose my first RBG corsair keyboard and I decided to go for this one over a razer even thought I like razer's MMO gaming mouse a better, not hate. So anywho I'm here trying to take the top piece off and I'm also rushing cause I want to dry the keyboard as soon as possible and boom.... the top piece breaks in half. From bottom up. Right in the middle. At this point I'm like "f@&k it I lost it whatever" so now I'm still trying to take the top piece and oh my god this s@$t is hard. Even though it's broken and I could care less I couldn't take the top piece completely off. Props for the good engineering and design behind it but seriously? Do you have to make it impossible to take off? Most of the grip came from the top piece of the keyboard while the bottom is so thin any type of bending will cause it to break and using a screw driver to take it apart will only result in bending the plastic on the edges.... I'm so disappointed. It was my mistake but I couldn't get to clean it fast enough because of the crappy, yet, durable design.... now I'll go ahead and switch to razer and see if theirs are easier to take apart and also clean.


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