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Do The Corsair SP/HD RGB series fans support Gigabyte Fusion LED Connection


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I'm in the process of planning a new PC build, and I've fallen in love with the Corsair Crystal 460X RGB Mid-Tower Case, specifically the 3 RGB fans. My plan is to purchase a GIGABYTE GA-AB350-GAMING 3 which supports RGB LED connectivity, and last year, it was announced that Corsair and Gigabyte had formed a partnership in regards to Fusion RGB.


My issue is that I'm trying to confirm if the Corsair HD/SP RGB series fans will support a connection to the Motherboard in question so that I can control the RGB hue via the system. I've spent the last hour attempting to find an answer without much success.


Any information will be helpful, as this is vital to whether I purchase the case or not.

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The case is lovely (mind you I went for the 570x instead) and comes with SP fans and a standard SP Controller Module pre-installed in the case. This is a standalone controller and doesn't interact with other things.


Then there is the Lighting Node Pro, which works with Corsair Link 4 (poorly lately).


Unfortunately, neither (currently? May never, but the future is unknown) works with RGB Fusion, which works only explicitly with Gigabyte hardware.

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Short answer based on general info:



In-depth answer:

The motherboards can have a few different kinds of LED headers.

- Common Connection (Cathode/Anode), which is usually marked "RGB" as three of the four pins and is usually 12v.

- One-wire (WS2812), which is liable to usually be three pins marked 5V, Data, GND and is usually labeled ADDR_LED

- Two-wire (APA10x), which is four pins, 5V, Data, Clk, GND


The RGB fan LEDs come in two flavors:

- SP RGB fans, which use UCS1903 LED modules

- Everything Else (HD, LL, Etc), which uses WS2812 LEDs


NONE of the LEDs in this can work with common connector headers.

The SP RGB fan LEDs (Like in the 470x and 570x) do not work with any motherboard connector.

All of the WS2812 LEDs will work with ADDR_LED moherboard headers, but 12V or common connection headers of any type, they will not work.

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