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I've been a mini-ITX enthusiast for awhile. I have an Ncase M1 for my gaming machine and a Corsair 250D for my workstation. And after my experience with SLI and lack of real need for additional slots other than the video card, I'm likely to stick with mini-ITX for a long time.


I'm really surprised on how competitively priced the Corsair One is verses building a similar machine on your own. When you consider support costs and the hardware built-in to the One, it's one of the best deals available right now. The high-end integrators like Falcon Northwest, Puget Sound Systems, etc. that I've looked at before just don't come close to the value here.


The only real complaint I have is that I wish you offered the option to choose an M.2 drive instead of SSD. The motherboard clearly supports it and the speed benefits are huge vs. SATA. I'm guessing either price or heat issues lead Corsair to choose SATA.


Also, I really wish the One case, radiators, and PSU was available separately for purchase for anyone wanting to risk and it wanting to build their own. I'd definitely move the guts of my 250D into the One case if I could buy the case, radiators, and PSU as a bundle for ~$500.

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  • Corsair Employee

Thanks for the kind words, we will take your feedback into account and we will look into implementing improvements in the future.


Unfortunately, CORSAIR ONE at the moment is planned to be available as a complete system only rather than a bare-bones kit.

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