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Need Advice: Fans for the H115i


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Hey folks,


About to do my 6 month radiator clean on my H115i. (Where I removed the fans and wash / clean any dust buildup etc.)


Now I just so happen to have a brand new ML140 Twin pack here. My SP140L's that came with the H115i still work just fine and are essentially brand new (6 months old).


Is there any performance benefit to switching out the SP140L's for a the ML140's. Both are PWM fans, and I run it on a push configuration at the top of the case.


Thanks for advice/opinions offered.


Note: I have no other use for the ML140's besides boxing them until something breaks or I need a fan replacement. So by not using them I am not neglecting or sacrificing any case fans etc.

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I recently swapped the staock fans for a pair of ML140's and it's noticeably quieter and the temps seem to have dropped a couple of degrees, although I haven't done any stress testing. As long as the temps stay acceptable and it's quiet when I'm using it, I'm happy.
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