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K55 Keyboard CH-9206015-RU in the US?


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As a heritage Russian/Ukrainian speaker I would absolutely love (and I actually need) to get a bilingual English/Russian keyboard. Since I love Corsair products, I would like to purchase EU version of K55 (Model CH-9206015-RU). After heavy searching I found Corsair EU website that sells these keyboards, but they ship *ONLY* to EU counties (seriously?).


I agree to pay extra for shipping to the U.S., I would even pay extra for a keyboard. I called Corsair online order support and the girl that responded said "sorry, we don't have it in the US, bye".


Since Corsair peeps are reading this forum (I hope), just FYI: Apple sells their Magic Keyboard in many languages, including Russian, here in the U.S. What prevents you from doing it? It is another market share you are losing to competition. I want to spend my money on your product, let me do it. Can you possibly custom order one for me? Is there a way to contact your EU warehouse, so they ship me one?


Another option: is it possible to order bilingual keys, so I just replace my standard K55 keys?


Thank you!


P.S. I know I can just buy keyboard stickers, but having an actual keyboard is way more comfortable.

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Zdrastuitye! I haven't seen such keycaps/keyboards for sale, but I touch-type the English and Cyrillic. I've been looking for transparent keycaps that have no letters on them at all!


Best of luck finding a way to get these keyboards here. I usually have my relatives ship stuff to me, but then you have customs hassles, etc.

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