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Corsair 460X + Corsair H115i + Asus Strix 1080


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New to the forums, so apologies if this has been asked already...


I'm wanting to know if I can have my Corsair H115i mounted on the front of the Corsair 460X, and still have clearance to install my Asus Strix 1080?


Edit: Actually, it just dawned on my that the H115i radiator is built for 140mm fans, and the case fans on the 460X are 120mm.....so perhaps my question(s) should be


a) would a Corsair H100i v2 mounted on the front of the case have clearance with an Asus Strix 1080?




b) would a Corsair H100i v2 mounted on top of the case have clearance with my Corsair RAM?

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Fellow PC enthusiast, I have been meaning to set up a new gaming rig with asus strix GTX 1080. I have been doing a lot of research about 460X rgb with AIO set up.


I found one person on reddit who has a 280 mm rad from a different maker installed in front of his 460x in push/pull configuration with a EVGA GTX 1070 (card length is around 267mm). He has only 1/2 inch clearance remaining. You can review his set up here http://imgur.com/a/LFoAW


He must have replaced the SP120s with 140 mm fans based on the pictures. It looks freaking awesome.


As far as I know, Strix type of cards whether be it 1070 or 1080, they are freakishly long cards measuring at around 298 mm. So, there is probably not enough clearance to install front radiator in push/pull config. However, you may still install a front radiator behind 3 SP120s with a minimum clearance to the strix gpu. I am wondering the same question if this set up will be good for internal components as I am considering OCing a i7-7700k.

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If you install a 280mm rad in the front, it's quite possible that you won't need push/pull, as long as the front of your case doesn't restrict airflow too badly. The i7 7700K does seem to be a bit inefficient at cooling (poor contact between the cpu and the lid)
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