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Lighting link Question (between keyboard/polaris)


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Hey all,


So I wanted to sync up my K95 Platinum and the Polaris RGBs. I know you can do this by selecting "lighting link" in the CUE 2 software. The problem is I want to ADD a second action like "typing ripple". My problem is when I add this, the ripple goes below the lighting link and isn't executed. If I add the ripple first and then the lighting link, the link gets moved to the top line and once again the ripple isn't executed.


Is there a way for me to have the lighting link sync going AND have ripple effect? Specifically a colour shift effect that is synced between mouse/polaris with a lighting effect.



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No, if I recall right you can't use any other effects if you enable Lighting Link.



Yeah it seems like this is the situation. Just like you can't save to the profile if you have more than one effect created. :(


I hope they can fix my part as it would be nice to do. At least PLEASE give us a solid colour we can choose from for the Sync(linked) to start and return to. A black keyboard with no keys lit doesn't do me any good. :(


Please consider this a Suggestion to the DEVELOPERS! Please add a base colour we chan choose when we link our Corsair products together and sync them up using a ripple command. SOmething other than just all the keys off.



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