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  1. One thing I would suggest is making sure the keyboard is plugged into the USBs connected directly to the motherboard on the back of the computer. Corsair's keyboards requires full power over USB and often times cases with front USB headers lose their ability to carry the full power to the USB ports. Other options would be using a powered USB hub. All that being said, if you call Corsair's support team and they walk you through a few things that don't work, defects happen. Corsair generally has a great RMA system and every K95 I have ever returned they have given me a brand new keyboard still in the shrink wrap.
  2. Hey there, Is or will there be a better buying option for those people who already have lighting nodes or Commander Pros aside from buying individual fans? I'd much rather buy a pack of 3 than to have to buy three singles or a single and a dual pack with a node I don't need.
  3. I saw today the new K95 Platinum XT is coming out. Like the previous K95 Platinum, the XT is full of nifty features. I love my K95 Platinum. For me Corsair simply is unmatched when it comes to quality keyboards, with one exception...their wrist rests. For more iterations than I can count, Corsair has used those easily breakable plastic clips. The K90 at least had a screw that helped out but it still screwed into a plastic clip. Simply put the clips break so easily. It is something that I have come to accept and would often buy 1 or 2 extra wrist rests from Corsair because I knew they would break. Unfortunately with the K95 Platinum, Corsair never made the wrist rest a separate purchase. This meant when it broke, and it did three times in 2 years, Corsair couldn't send me a replacement wrist rest. Instead they sent me a brand new keyboard each time!! I'm not going to complain as I got literally a new keyboard but seriously, it seems such a waste. There are other keyboard manufacturers that have switched to magnets to hold on their wrist rests and while not all are perfect, there are a couple that are amazing. Strong magnets that can hold the wrist rest even if you lift the keyboard off the desk. It really seems like a no brainer to me. Either way, my guess is with the new K95 Platinum XT, the wrist rest won't be available separately for purchase. Due to that, there really isn't need for me to upgrade, even though I have no wrist rest for my current K95. Yes it broke again and it is out of warranty. It is a true shame because it is simply the best keyboard out there. A perfect keyboard marred by two incredibly frustrating plastic clips. :(
  4. So as before i have the CMT32GX4M4K3600C16 kit of 4x8GB 3200Mhz series of Dominator Platinum RGB. My previous version of Special Edition ram I was reading people were reviewing and overclocking safely at 24/7 using 1.45v on the 1.35v kits. With that amount I was able to get it up to 3800Mhz but never felt safe to keep it at that high voltage for the returns I was getting. With this new RAM i was able to get a solid 4000 MHz running at 1.4v at the settings of 19, 23, 23, 45, 2. RAM Passed 200% of the MemTest, bumped my benchmarks by 14% and never went past 45C in temps. So the question... 1.4v. Safe to run 24/7? I haven't seen any white papers that suggest a maximum voltage for the Dominator Platinum Kits, tho at the premium price point, I have to imagine that they expect some overclocking done and a .05v doesn't seem excessive to me. Thoughts? and thanks! EDIT NOTE... I do plan to try and tighten up those timings if I can. I chose those timings as a starting point as they are standard for Corsair RAM at the 4000MHz level. Sadly they don't have the Samsung B-die chips they are Hynix H5AN8G8NCJR-TFC 8 Gb C-die (Alius / 18 nm) / 1 die
  5. So I took some of your suggestions and started with 1.39v and was actually able to get a stable 3600 from 3200 by changing the timing from 16-18-18-36 to 18-21-21-43 Not sure about the right calculation there but memtest did all the modules full 105% with no errors. A thought occurred to me are there other settings like in the VCCIO or such I need to be giving a boost to help. FYI I did have the initial boot boot with 1.42v and the landing voltage was 1.39. I haven't checked to see if moving this all to 3600 with the relaxed timings is doing better or worse than the 3200 at XMP timings yet. There are trade offs! Suggestions?
  6. I have another kit of Dominator Platinum that was 3200 and got it to run at 3600 quite easily with only 1.38v. I have tried just the CAS and tried to relax that to 18 and 19 just to see if I could get up to 3466. Sadly on my old x99 R5E board, there was a setting in the DRAM that helped. In Mode 1 it would help OC and in mode 2 it would help compatibility but this newer board doesn't have that setting. :(
  7. So I went ahead and bought the CMT32GX4M4C3200C16 version of 4x8gb sticks that run at Timings of 16-18-16-36. I really do like the look of this RAM and the RGB lighting is second to none. I have owned Corsiar Dominator Platinum RAM for the last 10 or so years and have ALWAYS been able to overclock a kit. The amount of Overclock has always varied a bit, sometimes I could go from 3000MHz to 3200 or even 3600MHz. Other times I couldn't up the frequency but could tighten the timings a bit. One of the things I love about the Dominator Platinum series is you can put some extra voltage through them and they remain pretty damn stable. Unfortunately with this kit, I have quite literally have not been able to move any numbers past the default XMP settings, even when I go on manual. Nothing will POST or boot. I get that Corsair has been more diligent when it comes to binning the RAM kits, ensuring that you get at least what you paid for but I find it disappointing that this is the first set of this absolute PREMIUM RAM and I can't overclock it at all. So I'm wondering if anyone has had the opportunity to try? I saw that some of the higher frequency kits of 4000 or the 3200 version with CL14 were able to be OC'd so I'm just wondering if I got really unlucky or has Corsair truly locked down the cheaper end of these RGB kits? Thanks,
  8. Hi there, I do appreciate this. I've owned Corsair Keyboards from all the way from the original K70 RGB to the K90 and K95 to the K95 PLatinum. Sadly each one has had issues with the wrist rest, with the exception of the K90 which the wrist rest was secured by two thumb screws. Plastic clips just simply break. I hope one day Corsair will move to magnetic mounting. In the meantime I have stocked up on wrist rests for all those keyboards, as I still own and use them all in various forms and when they break I simply replace it. I hope to be able to do the same with the K95 platinum as it has been the best keyboard of them all and is now no longer under warranty.
  9. I fully understand this but consider this. When a wrist rest is broken and the keyboard is fully functional, what do they do with the returned keyboard? Part it out for replacement parts? Probably. At least the keys are transferable to other keyboards, but that is about it. The frame, circuit board, ect is also unique in size, shape and functions. On top of all that, the k95 platinum is considered their top tier keyboard which is also the most expensive. I suppose that in the end they have priced it out to determine the cheapest way to go. The plastic moulding and rubber grip are the two components to the wrist rest. The cost of mass producing those isn't that much. For a $15 wrist rest they probably spend less than 2-4 dollars on the parts. Packaging is a cardboard box, so that leaves the labour of putting it in the box, logging it/out into inventory and slapping a label on it. Two of those three they have to do to send out a whole new keyboard. In the end with the premium price on the keyboard, I do appreciate that if I break a wrist rest, they replace the whole keyboard with a new one. Still i find it odd to replace a $200 keyboard just cause you don't want to make a $15 part. Then at the end of 2 years, what do you do if it breaks? There is no recourse other than to not use the wrist rest or have to buy a new one. That being said, my keyboard was 2 months out of warranty and Corsair graciously honoured it and is sending me a new one.
  10. Greetings, I own a K95 Platinum RGB keyboard. This is the third time I have had the wrist rest break on me in a 2+ year time. First off I want to thank Corsair for extending the warranty to cover this replacement when technically out of warranty. You didn't have to do it but you did and I'm enormously grateful for it. That being said. I simply cannot understand why the wrist rest for the k95 Platinum RGB has never been made available for purchase separately. Each of the three times it has broken, I have had to do a full RMA and basically get a brand new keyboard when all I need is the wrist rest. That cannot be very cost-effective for you all, when you are giving me a $200 new keyboard for a $25 dollar part. You have just about every other wrist rest up for sale in your parts store, EXCEPT this one and it is puzzling why the wrist rest for your top-of-the-line keyboard doesn't have this option? I love your keyboards. I have been a fan long before the original k95 and K70. I still have an M95 mouse! Sadly the one thing that Corsair has never been able to conquer is the plastic clips on their keyboards. May I make a suggestion and say instead of two plastic clips on each side but magnets!! They work! And since they are magnets they flex and you can have a wrist rest at a few different angles, all without any concern of it breaking. Even if you drop the keyboard, the wrist rest would simply diconnect. No breakage! Anyway I'm outta warranty waiting on my ARMA. If this wrist rest goes I don't know what I'll turn to as I have had no fewer than 7 wristrests over 4 separate keyboards break on me and my wife. I have 4 K70 wrist rests in storage and pull one out every 9-12 months and I'm okay with that. Please let us buy the k95 platinum RGB wrist rests.. Please! Thanks, Ron
  11. Honestly haven't been giving it a lot of thought. My father used to work with leather and the strip you used easily would have been one of his 'scraps', so much of it would depend on are we getting scraps from another project or some fresh leather made specifically for this purpose? Also depends on the type of leather used as well, you said premium but it has been a very long time since i looked at or priced kangaroo or cow leather. Finally it depends on the amount of work you put into it. If you are just cutting it to size and giving some double sided tape, then really we are paying for leather, a cut or two, shipping and convenience. So honestly for something that is going to last a bit, 20-40 bux depending on the quality of leather?
  12. I haven't tried this but some looking around on the internet about cleaning laptop trackpads are using a little bakingsoda and making a paste or using a Mr. Clean magic eraser. I might try these.
  13. This is actually a good idea. I'm not sure I would have used any glue, but some sort of adhesive was probably necessary as you couldn't necessarily control the thickness easily. Being leather it will change colours with the oils from your skin and should get softer. If you use leather cleaner you can keep it looking pristine but I still think the oils in your hands you will still find discolouring or shiny issues. Anything that can absorb an oil will do so. You can slow this down by treating the leather tho.:) I bet it feels better than rubber tho. I do wish Corsair would allow us to buy replacement wrist rests. Still you could make a few bux by cutting 10-20 of these things, adding some double sided tape and sell them to K95 platinum owners. I know I would take one if the price was right + shipping to Canada. :)
  14. I'm really surprised not many keyboard manufacturers haven't gone to magnets to attach wrist rest or a hardened rubber that is at least flexible. Those plastic clips break so easily. :( Still Corsair really needs to offer the K95 RGB Platinum wrist rest separately. I've already broke one and I'm sure i'll break another and I don't want to have to send my whole keyboard back... :(
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