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RMA cause of discontinueation of product


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Hello! I have an RMA with number #6883113. As i explain in the ticket my LED on my H100i is not working correctly. My issue is that the store that i purchased the cooler refuses to replace it with the new V2 because it is considered a different unit.

At your site i saw a section which i will quote "An obsolete or discontinued product will be replaced with the same product if available. If Corsair is unable to replace your obsolete or discontinued product with the same product, Corsair will replace the obsolete or discontinued product, in its sole discretion, with a product having similar function and capacity."

What i would like to ask is if you accept replace a H100i with H100i V2 because the 1st is faulty, could u give me a written confirmation so i can bring it to the store and make them replace my also ?? They have also accepted the issue as valid but they just dont replace it without me paying the difference.

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