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Bad stick or the wrong sticks?


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Just got some TwinX1024pc3200c2pt for an upcoming A64 build. Until that stuff is ordered I threw them in my current rig listed in my sig. They post fine, things seem to run ok, but I ran memtest and came up with oodles of errors. I did the following...


Was running a 200 FSB at 1:1, 7-3-3-2.5, 2.6v on the ram in Dual Channel. Came back heavy with errors in test 3 and 4...hundreds of em so I aborted. Bumpped voltage to 2.7, same bad results. Changed to another dual channel config using a different slot, same bad results. Changed timings to 8-3-3-2.5 still yucky results.


Changed everything to stock....166FSB, etc etc, same bad results.


Then did one stick by itself at the stock settings and it cleared 3 passes with no errors. Threw the other stick in by itself in the same slot and errors are back.


To make sure my board hadn't gone whacko I threw in my old XMS PC2700c2's (256x2) back in and actually dropped timings down to 7-2-2-2 (where I had em forever) and it cleared 5 passes with no errors. SO I know the board is good.


Bad stick in my TwinX set? Or the wrong sticks for this motherboard? Any other way I should test them or is it RMA time? Back to Corsair or where I ordered them? If they gotta go back I'd like to do it the fastest way possible...


RamGuy what next? :(:

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Will do RG....and sorry to ask you questions found in a FAQ....


Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything before I sent these back. I used some Gift Certificates through Amazon to order them. (Tiger Direct actually sold them through Amazon...) And I'd heard some bad stories in dealing with Tiger on RMA'S and such. (I'm a Newegg fan....)


Happy to report they gave me an RMA in 2 seconds without blinking an eye and were quite apologetic.


Good news to me since I earned $900 more in gift certificates in December and the rest of my new build will go through Amazon/Tiger Direct when I get them next week. (It's a T-Mobile incentive program for employees...)


Gotta love "free" upgrades!!!! I'll keep you and the other boys here informed. May need a little advice along the way as well...

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