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Memory on the Fritz!


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Hey Ramguy-


I have had two CM64SD512-2100 chips for a few years now on a NFS-7 board. It had always been running stable untill about three weeks ago when I started getting the infamous blue screen of death. It started out blue screening about once a day, and by the end of that week, I could set my watch by it. From reading through your forums, I pulled one of the chips and ran memtest on each one. When I had the 'defective' chip in I noticed the following behavior:


1. Windows XP Pro would start to load the kernal and crash, reload and repeat with no error message.

2. If I tried to install any O/S, the installer would load files for roughly 13 seconds, then bluescreen and reload immidiately.

3. Memtest showed many errors, mostly in the first part of the majority of the tests.

4. The problem can be replicated on two other systems (an ECS board, and my Cisco MCS server.)


I have never overclocked any of my systems, and I have never had the system exhibit any kind of issues other than the occasional re-install due to windows clutter. :-)


I think this is going to end up in an RMA, but do you have any other possible tests that I can run to confirm the chip is indeed toasty?


Thank you for your help in advance

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