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Corsair givaway delivery question.

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Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place, but i cannot find where else to post.


I was in Corsairs latest givaway for 32gb Memory.


You asked for my full info on the 27th of july, and have heard nothing from you since then.


My question is, when can i get information on when they will arrive at my local postoffice in Sweden?




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4 days of TOTAL NOTHING.

Asked on facebook (got an autorespond back)

Asked here = Nothing

Sent a ticket = Not hoping for much.


How can a big company like Corsair not have a customersupport or a member here that can answer ONE single question?


When i won i bought new mobo & CPU to fit these memorys, and now i have no working PC since my old memorys are ddr3 and doesnt work on my mobo.


Wft Team Corsair answer the byers who pays you.

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Depending on if it shipped from the US, it probably is getting held up in Customs. International shipments tend to take longer because Customs is so strict on what comes in and out. If anything even remotely looks like it could be dangerous, they flag it and take a look.
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Im guessing it's being sent from US, but i dont really know since i get no answer from the team handling this. :(

Last time i heard from them was on August 2, since then im only getting this.


Hello Jimmy,

Thanks for contacting us! Please check out the resources below for faster help. We'll try to get back to you soon.


Customer Support - bit.ly/corsairCS

Tech Help - bit.ly/CorsairForum

Sponsorship - bit.ly/CGeSport


And thats not really giving me anything.

Usually answering within the hour?

I dont think so.

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