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Found 16 results

  1. Hi all, We're pleased to announce that we'll have USB 3.1 Type-C upgrade kits available for the immensely popular Crystal Series 570X and Obsidian Series 750D very soon! These kits add a USB 3.1 Type-C port on your chassis' front I/O and plug into the USB 3.1 Type-C motherboard front panel header that have started to appear on some motherboards. Both kits are priced at USD $19.99 and will be available on our webstore. Links: Crystal 570X kit - http://www.corsair.com/en-us/crystal-570x-rgb-usb-3-1-type-c-i-o-panel-upgrade-kit Obsidian 750D kit - http://www.corsair.com/en-us/obsidian-series-750d-usb-3-1-type-c-i-o-panel-upgrade-kit Photos! Installed example for Crystal 570X: Close up of Crystal 570X kit: Installed example for Obsidian 750D: Obsidian 750D kit: Connectors on Obsidian 750D kit:
  2. Guten Abend allerseits, nach mehreren Wochen intensiver Suche in jeglichem auffindbaren Onlineshop bin ich etwas verzweifelt. Möglicherweise gibt es hier ja den einen oder anderen der mit einen Shop verraten kann wo die Frontblende noch verfügbar ist. mfg, Nico
  3. EDIT: I think I mean drive cage, actually. The one for HDDs, not drive bay. Sorry! Hey guys, I have bought a second hand 750D case. This case is missing a drive bay. I thought I could buy this using the HDD upgrade kit: https://www.corsair.com/eu/en/Categories/Products/Accessories-%7C-Parts/PC-Components/Cases/HDD-upgrade-kit-with-3x-hard-drive-trays-and-secondary-hard-drive-cage-parts-%28Graphite-600T%2C-730T%2C-760T%2C-780T%29-%28Obsidian-450D%2C-650D%2C-750D%29/p/CC-8930032 However this part seems to NOT include the plastic part that you can use to mount it to the bottom of the case. It only includes the metal part (allowing you to stack it). Now this is not really useful for me, as I want to cover that fan grid up because it allows a lot of dust to enter my case. Here is a picture of the drive bay in my system: https://imgur.com/a/TumBmhv On that picture you can see the drive bay attached to that plastic part. I cannot find that plastic part anywhere online. Does anyone know where I could find and buy this?
  4. Is it possible to remove the window from the actually side panel? I want to sticker bomb (or paint maybe idk yet) But can I take the window off the window panel?
  5. Hey Guys, Looking to build a couple of high end PCs in the next year or two, and to be honest I'm waiting on Corsair to announce a refresh to their full-size Obsidian, the 750D. I had heard through the grapevine some time ago that something was in the works, and I just wanted to remind you that there are people who love putting their cases on the floor. You'd have 2 immediate sales of a 750D with tempered glass the day you announce! Thanks for listening.
  6. Hi all On Corsair's website it says that the 750D has 4 locations for mounting the hard drive cages. I have only been able to find 3 which are the two on the bottom next to the PSU and the slide on mount underneath the 5.25 drive bays. Does anyone know where the 4th one is?
  7. Greetings. I lost the two plastic pieces that the HDD cages are mounted to in the bottom of my 750D when I installed fans. I have now removed the fans and need to mount the cages back in place. I can't find a part number or this part for sale anywhere. I have contacted support but wanted to ask here as well. Attached is an image with these parts outlined in green. Would anyone have any ideas on where to buy these? -- or possibly another part that would do the trick? Thanks!
  8. So i bought the 750D back in January with the intent of doing some actual custom mods to the case, but only recently got around to doing them. I loved the minimalistic shape and design of the case, but wanted to remove the drive cage and add a PSU shroud to make the interior as clean as possible. (as a side note to Corsair, if you could make a 750D with a removable CD drive cage, that would make this case flawless for water cooling in my opinion). Having pre-ordered the GTX 1080 and receiving it on launch day, I took the three-day holiday weekend to create a custom acrylic shroud to cover the holes/rivets on the back of the case, as well as the entire bottom PSU/hard drive area. Hope you guys like it! I think it turned out sexy as hell. If there's enough interest, i might make a youtube video tutorial. Used cardboard to prototype the shape of the final acrylic piece and verify measurements: http://imgur.com/9uGRH8I.jpg Cut a sheet of .22" acrylic to the desired flat shape of the final piece: http://imgur.com/rsXlpmG.jpg http://imgur.com/j7AHxcn.jpg After bending (using a heat gun and aluminum-wrapped wood boards to keep lines straight), I put the bent piece into the case to verify that it fits and everything still lines up. http://imgur.com/CfQNKjz.jpg Sanded the acrylic to allow the spray paint to adhere better, then painted with a matte black spraypaint: http://imgur.com/aCDLtvR.jpg http://imgur.com/XIVKRMa.jpg Now that it's all done, I wired everything back up and enjoyed the light show (thanks to the NZXT Hue+): http://imgur.com/iD3dwHX.jpg http://imgur.com/qkGqhoB.jpg
  9. Hi guys! this is my firs post on this forum. i'm going to buy new case and new cooling system for my RIG. i was oriented on the 115i pro rgb and a Corsair Obsidian Series 750D airflow. now my problem is that on the specification of the case on the Corsair site, the 115i doesn't appears in the compatible coolers list but they write that 280 mm coolers can fit in this case. so, can anyone tell me if that those two components are compatible or not ? Thanks in advance ! :biggrin: Gilko
  10. Hello, I am looking to replace the 2 front case fans(140mm x 25mm 3 pin female connection) since the bearings are going out. Does anyone have any recommendations weather on newegg or the Corsair site? I am looking at Noctua NF-A14 PWM chromax.black.swap premium-grade quiet 140mm fan(item# 9SIAADY6HZ2209); Corsair CO-9050034-WW Air Series SP140 140mm Red LED High Static Pressure Case Fan (item# 9SIA1K63UR1475) or any other recommendations for case fans that is 140mm. Or if there are recommendations on 4pins (adapters as well). This would be really helpful.
  11. Hi there! I recently built my new computer using the 750D case, and I'm a little new to the whole experience. I put in (2) 140mm Corsair fans on top, on the main corsair post for the case it says it can fit (2) 140's or (3) 120mm's After measuring the length of the 140's and the distance of the screw slots they all match at roughly 6 inches My question is, can I just fit (3) 140mm's on top? Or would it be safer to leave the (2) 140's and put a 120 in the 3rd empty spot? I tried browsing online to see if anyone else had done this but hadn't any luck. Thanks for anyone's help or advice in advanced!
  12. I built a new system in an Obsidian 750D about six months ago. The 2 front facing standard speed USB ports always seemed to be a bit flaky and now they've stopped working entirely. I actually had my blue tooth dongle plugged into one for months which seemed mostly ok, and the far right port just flaked. Now both are completely unusable. If I plug in my USB dongle to one of them the light on the dongle does work, but only to about 1/3 intensity. The system does not acknowledge anything connected though. There are no devices in the device manager with exclamation marks. I've updated all the drivers for Windows 10 and the MSI motherboard. I've checked the internal connections and don't see any obvious issues. The other USB ports all work fine. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  13. Hello! My name is Hector, or more commonly known as Legacy.PC in the Instagram. Recently I have decided to mod a 750D to match my dream car: A Nissan GT-R Nismo in pearl white, :loveeyes::loveeyes:. I originally started doing this mod over on my Instagram account, but I have decided to bring it over to this forum to share with you guys! So please do excuse if the beginning parts of the mod aren't recorded sequentially. I have just started on this mod and hope to have it done quickly, I will post pictures here frequently on the progress I make. Thank-you for stopping by! :)::):
  14. Hi all I am currently running an H115i mounted at the top of my 750D - and no graphics card in the system. I am now contemplating of getting an MSI 1080 Sea Hawk. My question is: Is it possible to mount the radiator/fan from the Sea Hawk in the rear exhaust position of the 750D or will there not be sufficient space due to the H115i mounted at the top? Judging by the looks of it, I would say that it should work - but would like to be sure before spending the cash on the Sea Hawk... Thanks
  15. I want to buy a corsair AIO cooler, not sure which one yet , but I want to mount it into the front of my 750D. All pictures I can find online are of AIO coolers mounted to the top, and because the 750D is quite a large case, I'm afraid that the actual water cables that connect the radiator to the cooling block aren't long enough to reach the CPU. Thoughts/experiences? This might be a dumb question, but these AIO's aren't cheap, just making sure.
  16. Hi all, I need to replace 2 of my hard drive trays for 3.5" hard drives. Which out of the following options do I need? http://www.corsair.com/en-gb/obsidian-series-250d-ssd-trays-2x Or .. http://www.corsair.com/en-gb/obsidian-series-550d-replacement-drive-tray Or ... Other, please link :-) Thanks in advance for your aid :-) EDIT: Corsair support suggest the following: http://www.corsair.com/en-gb/300r-replacement-hard-drive-tray-1-unit
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