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VOID wireless - microphone too low


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I have posted in the sticky thread, but notice it has been unresponded to by Corsair for some months, so I'll post this here.


I had the H2000 headphones followed by the H2100 headphones, both had a horrible buzz when charging and using the mic. The volume on the mic was very low on both of them too.


My H2100 set has now stopped charging and I'm waiting for an RMA on that (please when you get a minute to check on the ticket system).


Meanwhile I thought I'd try the VOID headset and purchased a set yesterday after my H2100 were pronounced dead... and they arrived today BUT despite already knowing about the bendable boom having had the previous 2 models and setting it to an angle between P3 and P4 in your examples from the sticky thread (my head is wider so can't achieve P4), and pumping the gain to 100% in Win 10 sound->recording->properties->etc, the mic volume is still way too low even for comms use, let alone voice attack (which I have retrained under windows speech recognition) because it does not always detect my voice.


Please can I ask politely Corsair.. are you actually going to address this with software? (before you jump to conclusions, yes, software and firmware updated to latest version today) or should I (an avid Corsair fan in general) give up and return the Void set as not fit for purpose and get a more efficiently microphoned set from A.N.Other manufacturer?


Note, I have followed the forum rules within this post, the return/RMA policy for the H2100 (which when fixed/replaced will become my backup pair) to the letter, so please do have the courtesy to respond, even if it is with a "we can't fix it with software". I only have 14 days to return the headset if I need to so I'd appreciate a rapid response.


Thank you in advance of your kind and honest response.

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i gotta say here that i have no issues with my microphone on the headset.. i am however running windows 8.1.. with latest CUE & 38.01 firmware, my mic is crystal clear.. can anyone else shed the perfromance of the mic on windows 10.?? we shall find out shortly, but it is defo turned upto 100% in windows & no other applications is taking it?
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Yes I have, there seems to be a lot of background hiss if I turn up the volume to hear my voice (in a silent room) with sidetone on. The voice is not very loud at all although after using it last night, I do think it is slightly better volume wise than the H2100, but because of the background hiss, not ideal.


I do not have another computer.


What association to Corsair do you have, I see you post a lot?

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