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Bad memory - VS256MB400


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I've got two seemingly bad identical ram sticks - 256 MB DDR 200, both from lot# 0331096


Computer just crapped out randomly, new power supply didnt do anything and I cant get far enough to boot off of a memtest86 floppy. The symptoms arent always the same but they include:


freezing halfway through the "loading windows xp" screen

freezing at a black screen right before "loading windows xp"

*Bad/no ram beep code

*freezing with only parts of the BIOS post screen displaying


The last two (the *ed ones) happen the most, its very rare that I get past post. Ive tried each stick individually and both sticks in different memory slot configurations.


Plugged into an epox 8RDA+


I'd appreciate a go-ahead for RMA

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