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h80i gt constantly connecting and disconnecting


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Sorry guys. Total dummy question. I attempted to do a search or google and the forums. Most threads were old so I wanted to check.


I just finished my first build a few days ago. I decided to overclock it.


As I bought an asus z97 pro gt and have never overclocked I just used AI suite 3. Since then I was spammed by windows 10 the constant connecting and disconnecting sound from the device menu.


After some researched i found alot of old threads about the h80igt not playing well with AI suite 3.


I then installed the corsair link. Supposedly this was after the connection issue was fixed. Still was spammed by connecting and disconnecting chimes.


I unintalled the link software. No help.


Finally I read a thread that said the h80igt USB connection sucked. It wasnt needed if you werent using the link software. I unplugged the USB link and since then no chimes.


Ive been monitoring my cpu temps. they were running at 44 C. That seemed high while the computer was idle.


In the ai suite 3 i went to the fan controller. and manually selected full speed. I heard the fans spool up. temperatures dropped notably to 35 C. I then selected normal and they spooled down.


So my question is will my system operate correctly with the USB disconnected?


I just want to do an easy overlock here. Nothing crazy. Basically want to let the bios and AI suite 3 do everything in manual.


Thanks in advance. There is just alot of old information out there and Im not knowledgeable enough about this to figure it out on my own.

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At a guess the H80iGT is powered from the CPU_FAN header and the power keeps getting taken away as the BIOS controls the "fan speed" :idea:


Nope. ill try to disable it and give it another go.

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