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Corsair Link v4 is... really rather great actually


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Hey Corsair, this update has transformed my PC. I was never impressed with Link v3. It was rather clunky, slow, and flaky. What's more, the forest of banners (well, two) that arrived at boot and the constant minimise warning banner were awful. The old Link v3 took an age to load at boot as well.


Link v4 is a radical transformation. It is now a focussed, (very) fast and seemingly stable app. Instead of annoying popups, we now have a clear and very functional UI with silent, fast launch at boot.


Well done Corsair. Your hardware now has the software it deserves, and I for one appreciate it greatly. Cheers.

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It is now a focussed, (very) fast and seemingly stable app.


My testing shows CL4 is very slow, but as you have not specified any times it impossible to know if you feel 20 seconds is very fast.


  • When started it CL4 takes 20 -> 30 seconds before all the hardware is reported on the home screen. This is far longer than it should be. SIV took 1.67 seconds so why does CL4 take over 10 times as long? CL4 log attached.
  • When I switch from [Home] to [Configure] it takes about 15 seconds when I have all my CL hardware connected. This is far longer than is acceptable.
  • CL4 Causes High DPC Latencies, see http://forum.corsair.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=24076&stc=1&d=1453907616.


As for CL4 being a stable app then all I can assume is you have not read http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=155860, http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=156448 or any of the other threads about CL4 stability issues.


The CL4 release also does not address issues such as http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?p=742713 which were first reported on 20-Nov-2014 which is 15 months ago. This is exceptionally slow.


Issues such as http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=156621 show Corsair did not properly test CL4 before releasing it.


I could not configure my RGB Led strip due to my Corsair Cooling and Lighting Kit could not be detected by the CL4.2 ver.


Failing to support the old Link Commander is far from ideal.


I have not received any feedback on the issues I have posted about from Corsair which is rather poor.

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Thanks for documenting the truth.

I have had some threads closed and removed because of my frustration with the sw.

I hope Corsair will review your code and include it in their next rewrite of the sw in CL release 5.


For now I am staying with CL 3.

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v4 a radical transformation? Huh?


CLv4 fails to fix a ton of issues that have persisted since v2, and even fails to have a method to upgrade the firmware on hardware. For how long we've been getting told that v4 should address our issues, v4 is sorely lacking in most regards. It is simply "Lipstick on a Pig!"


From what we've been told, the coders were changed in the move from v2 to v3, and again from v3 to v4, yet the same kind of issues persist. My 25 years in the electronics business as an electrical engineer lead me to believe that since multiple teams can't get the job done, the issue is not the teams, it is the management of those teams... and often their expectations of what can be done with the given resources and time. Most likely the resources put on coding and testing are severely under-scoped.


I've given up any hope for Corsair to produce decent software, as they've proven they simply don't have what it takes. I suggest that anyone that expects software from Corsair to get fixed anytime in the near future, is going to be severely disappointed.

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Unless you develop accurate detailed design documents, the end product wont be to design spec and usable.

I see this a lot when people use an Agile development methodology. However, this is the 4th try at developing CL. When using an Agile approach you should learn from your previous prototype and enhance it and improve on it. I don't see this happening with CL.


They are really fortunate to have red-ray's efforts to see how it should be built and red-ray has said they could use part if not all of his code.

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I can't even install it, I get a message saying that an old version is still installed and then it goes off and sulks. I reinstalled V3 and uninstalled it again, searched my computer for anything saying Corsair Link and deleted it, used Regedit to do the same for the registry and STILL it says that I have an old version installed.


In the end I gave up and now I use Asus Fan Expert.

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