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H80i GT - broken mounting screw of cpu frame


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I have a problem with the H80i GT. I've installed this in my system and it's working perfectly , cooling down my cpu like mad man :)

but i wasn't able to fit it into my small case so i've decided to take it out. All was going fine till the moment that i was unscrewing the last screw/bolt which was holding the frame which goes below the mainboard. It started to turn constantly without unscrewing the bolt. i've tried and tried and nothing so i've decided to take this small plastic bit fromt he frame and with scissors hold it and then i was able to unscrew it.

Now of course one of those 4 plastic bit which are movebale to adjust to the cpu type and in which you screw the bolt is damaged.

Question: can i get somehow this spare part or should i create a ticket for this with support?

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