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CX750M Rattle problem, RMA Netherlands


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According to an other forum, shipping costs would be too much, and i should replace the fan instead.


Does anyone know what fan would fit into my CX750M?


Any 120mm fan would do the job. Try to put a quality fan, as you don't want to open it again after 3 months. Your PSU must have a fan connector, cut the cable from mid, solder new fan cable with correct polarity. Insulate it with good insulation tape, Make sure its throwing air on PSU PCB. I just swapped my VS 550 PSU fan with LED fan and it wasn't even rattling lol

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Thanks for the reply,


Cant you just buy a PSU specific fan, so you dont have to do the solder part?


For that you've to send you PSU to corsair. Solder not necessary, You can get away with even hard twisting wires in correct polarity ;): Just make sure you insulate them with insulation tape properly. :whip:

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