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Void been acting very unusual


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So over the past few days I have been having nothing but issues with the headset

It disconnects while in range and have to re-update the firmware to get it to reconnect and even in a few cases I still had to reboot to get it to work again.

The auto shutoff decides to do what ever it pleases (past 30 min it has tried shutting off at least 3x while I have been watching a show

Last night while talking on TS3 my headset decided to try and shut down multiple times, even while talking.

Other days it won't shut down at all, this headset has a mind of its own.


My last wireless headset never had these issues (no auto shutoff hunt hint hint remove this feature please!! at least until you fix it!!)


I am starting to have some serious problems with these headset this is REALLY ****ING ANNOYING

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if the headset disconnects when out or in range it sometimes just crashes the driver or CUE it has been confirmed to be an issue & they are aware of it.. i just turn my VOID OFF then unplug the dongle... then plug dongle back in, turn headset back on... its a pain but they will fix it :)


P.S all problems you are facing are issues others are having also, its firmware/CUE problem... not sure but Corsair know about it :)

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