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corsair commander mini and h110i on 2 usb headers


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i would like to know if its possible to have the commander mini on 1 internal usb header and h110i gtx on another internal usb header without issues ?

motherboard is asus viii hero

the viii hero has 2 internal usb 2 headers,

will it work without issues or conflicts etc ( corsair link software )

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My problem with the Hero VIII is it only having 2 usb 2 headers. My case has 2 front connectors, my H110i GT has 1 (I left one of the front connectors unplugged). I was thinking about using the Commander Mini (glad I didn't as then I would have HAD to somehow install Link and get it working) but that has another usb connector. I have an NZXT U101 somewhere, but that needs power and I don't know where to put it, out of sight.
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I have an NZXT IU01 somewhere, but that needs power.


Only if the devices you plug into each Hub need > 400 mA in total.


My NZXT IU01 has 3 x CLCC + 2 x RM PSU + 1 x H80iGT + 2 x AXI PSU connected and works well with no external power. The Hubs incorrectly report they are powered, they are not.




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