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M60 Mouse Problem


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(((ITS ACTUALLY A M65 MOUSE))) Hello today I decided to get on my computer (as usual) but when I went to grab my mouse it wasn't moving and wasn't on or at least I thought it was sort of :[pouts:. It kept flashing blue like inside the mouse under the scroll wheel id say every 2 seconds and when I logged into my Pc the computer would make the sound of when you plug something into the usb port every time the mouse would flash. It is the mouse not my computer because I plugged it into my chrome book and the same thing happened. My main computer the one i went on this morning would try installing the drivers but would restart every time the mouse would flash and make the noise. I have no idea on what to do. Its been I would say like a year and two months so I don't even know if i can return it because its been quite a while. Any suggestions on what I should do? Thanks.
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