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2500 controller pod

Lord Alibaski

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I've had these speakers for several years now so there long out of warranty.


I have a small problem with the volume button today I went to turn them on pressing the button gently like always but it's got stuck. I can switch them on and off still but it's a slight pain to do so when you have thick fingers. I would just try to open the pod itself but when removing the screws it's still hard to prize the pod open which I don't want to do to hard and break it completely.


Is there an easier way to open this pod so I can see if I can fix the button.


Thanks for any help and advice.

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So in other words I'm stuck with a pair of speakers that work perfectly well just that I won't be able to turn them on or off properly.


I got it apart without breaking it, put the button back in place as good as I could get it but it feels like it's still not contacting properly.


I'll contact customer support see if they can help me.

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