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Need advice for Neutron XT problems


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I have 2 240GB Neutron XT bought from Amazon UK. One of them started to make problems. SMART reports that it is on 19% Health and have 97 bad sectors.




Also speed decreased

Here is ATTO of the working one


and ATTO of the problematic one



Weird thing is that Corsair SSD toolbox showed at first SMART as failed but no errors whatsoever



and now it shows OK



And in the same time i can not format or delete partitions.


So my questions are:

Should i make RMA?

Which will be easier to RMA, in Corsair or in Amazon?


Thanks in advance for your help.

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Having bad sectors in such a short period is definitely not a good sign, have you tried securing wiping your SSD using our SSD toolbox ?


After having tried to secure wiping the SSD, if you are still having the same issues, we will definitely assist you.




*If you have purchased the item in less than 30 days, we suggest you to go back to your retailer Amazon. ( it would be faster to go through their process.)


Alternatively, if you are unable to get any help from them we would happy to help you. Just submit an RMA ticket and you will be in the right direction.

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