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K70 typing itself


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So the k70 just does random stuff all the time. Typing -78 and - for instance, and it also screws with my audio volume.

Its around 1 year old, i dont think i have ever spilled anything over it, and it just suddenly happened.

Ive tried to install driver, restarted pc, plugged it in and out, blew in the usb thingy, removed and cleaned etc. but nothing works.


Ive read that some people have had the same issues, but i havent seen it resolved. Should i just get a new keyboard, or is it possible to fix?

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Have you tried changing the polling rate? Did it do anything?

Did you try the keyboard on another computer? Is the keyboard doing the same thing?


Note: Corsair provides a two year warranty for their keyboards.


I tried changing the pollingrate, i wanted to start the PC in safe mode (in case of virus), but it went nuts in BIOS as well. It behaved same way in other computers as well.

I honestly cant stand warranties, i have so many bad experiences with it. Id rather just buy a new keyboard and spare myself from the frustration.

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