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  1. Hi Brobq! Welcome to the forums! In an attempt to recreate the issue you're encountering, I downloaded Ableton Live 9 Trial. In addition, this is what I was running: i5 6600K / Z170 Win10 Enterprise x64 CUE 2.11.115 Ableton Live 9 Trial (9.7.1 Build: 2016-11-15_a024ca1056 64-bit) K65 RGB RAPIDFIRE - on Firmware 2.05 (latest) M65 Pro - on Firmware 2.06 (latest) Please list your specifications as well (What game? What action to reproduce the issue?) as any other useful information that may help pinpoint the root cause.
  2. You can accomplish certain tasks with multiple profiles/modes but it can only be assigned to one key at the moment. So it may not exactly accomplish the feature you're looking for. Create two different modes or profiles. One is default, one is while modifier key is pressed. Assign CTRL to perform the mode/profile switch 'while pressed' Assign the desired lighting on both profiles/modes then observe for response when pressing CTRL.
  3. Please file the issue with the Tech Support team on the website and provide system specs: CUE settings > advanced report and Logs if applicable. We'll try to replicate the issue. I've been using the M65 Pro for a week now using FW-2.02 on SW-1.16.42 I tried Starcraft 2 using DPI setting #3 set at 1800dpi. This past week I didn't notice DPI changes so I haven't checked in CUE if it changes automatically. I'll try to replicate again, but get the ticket filed and we'll investigate the cause. Please do include in the ticket the motherboard model and USB port being used (USB view is a helpful tool to find the driver associated with the port used).
  4. Hi Finnlae, Please file a ticket with our support team and be sure to include the lot code.
  5. Hi MintE, Sorry to read about the Spacebar stabilizer. Before you contact us on Monday, please submit a ticket for an RMA and attach your receipt on the ticket so our support team can review your RMA. Here's the LINK to our support page.
  6. Yes! You're most welcome! Thanks for the followup confirmation.
  7. Hi Aijames, BIOS mode is a setting for keyboard detection in POST to easily access BIOS (hence the name). It's really called the polling rate switch but you can read more about that here I describe it as a switch with 5 different positions: 1, 2, 4, 8, BIOS. From your perspective while using the keyboard, it is the far left position. There's no need to use this setting other than accessing/navigating the BIOS. For the firmware flash part, yes it can be a little confusing so I'll rephrase; 1 - Use object to push and hold the tiny button above keyboard while unplugged (both) 2 - Still holding tiny button, insert keyboard USB plug with keyboard icon on it 3 - Release tiny button, look in Windows explorer for the CRP_Disabled drive 4 - Open CRP_Disabled and delete the firmware.bin file 5 - Copy over this file first "Keyboard_Clr_EEP_V002.bin" minus quotes 6 - Replug keyboard normally and check status 7 - Now repeat this from step 1 again and when you get to step 5 copy over "K95RGB_bld012_app133.bin" minus quotes. Hope this helps.
  8. The PSU should supply 5v stand-by power even when it is powered down. If this is a concern for you, switch the PSU switch off.
  9. This may be tied to the way your system motherboard treats USB power upon cold boot. Enter your system settings when it POSTs and check if there's any USB initialization option available. Toggle it and try seeing if the behavior changes.
  10. The feedback is helpful and obviously you took time to write an extensive review. It's all helpful when we're considering new mice design. If I can take a moment to address several of your points: Point taken, we could have mapped the 1-12 buttons to something by default. What would you have liked to have them mapped to out of the box? I thought about the same thing, we could have had 'forward/back' assigned to key#8 & 11. Or we could have mapped 1-12 to numerical 1-12 so MMO players who use numrows can use skill bar with the right hand without point-clicking the actual skill tile or using the left hand to reach for numrows (which gets problematic beyond #6-8 onwards.) Ah, perhaps in the future we can introduce another switch type alike our Cherry MX red/brown/blue types. Is your K70 RGB a MX blue type? (since you prefer a nice click feel). Good info and point taken. ^ This is the reason that prompted me to respond. We got a reputation to live up to!
  11. Street Fighter V at the moment. Also probably picking up The Division. Definitely will pickup Dark Souls III.
  12. Hi there Gr33k, There shouldn't be a numlock on the K65 as it is a tenless keyboard.
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